Finance Friday July-6-2018

Finance Friday

Finance Friday, July 6th, 2018

There are so many retirement calculators out there, which should you use?  Plus, I didn’t know what the Pareto Principle was, though I’ve been fighting it my whole life.  Learn why amateurs and experts alike think they’re amazing when they’re not.  All of this, and a big mustache with a tiny house on Finance Friday for July 6th, 2018!

1.  26 Different Retirement Calculators – by Chief Mom Officer

I basically started Of Mice and Money out of [unrequited] love for financial modeling.  Chief Mom Officer slogged and sloshed through 26 different retirement calculators and shared the results.  It turns into a race against wine, and it’s a wonderfully written article on what can be a staid subject.  Bravo!
P.S.  Dear CMO: Let me make a model for you – I can do it better!

2. The Pareto PrincipleThe Physican Philosopher

I was a high achieving student, and I remember always thinking how much more work it was to get from an “A” to an “A+”.  I didn’t know that had a name!  The Physician Philosopher discusses the 20% of work that can get you 80% of the results for do it yourself investors.
It’s all really good advice and it’s got me tied in knots.  I like my Investment Plan, and I like my slice-and-dice portfolio!  But maybe I’m doing a bunch more work for almost no return when I could grab a three-fund portfolio and spend more time on other hobbies.

3.  Tiny HouseMister Money Mustache

The always excellent MMM explains why and how he built a tiny studio.  I’ve been itching to build something similar for awhile, so my interest was piqued.  Part of the excellence of MMM is the way he uses transparency and simplicity on all his projects.  Here’s a list of all the materials and what they cost.  Here’s the order I put them together.  Here’s the beautiful result.  Perfect!

4.  Dunning-Kruger EffectJason Kottke

How good are you at managing money?  Reading emotions?  How healthy are you compared to other people you know?  And when should you trust your answers to these questions?  Jason Kottke shared this post about the Dunning-Kruger Effect.  I’m confident you’ll learn something.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t apply to me, though, right?


That’s it for now, I’ve got some fun posts coming up in the next two weeks.  If you haven’t subscribed to this site yet, this is as good a time as any!

Make it a great day, and enjoy your weekend!

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