Finance Friday June-22-2018


Happy Finance Friday!

Welcome back to another Finance Friday, where I share some of the best things I read this week.

1. The Generations Project

Ginger Szala’s article highlights the misalignment between advisors’ and investors’ beliefs.   She analyzes data from The Generations Project which compares five age groups across a bevy of benchmark questions.  It’s limited by the pool of those surveyed – all high net worth individuals – but the differences are fascinating.  And while advisors do see a lot more money conflicts among families than their clients report, only 10% of advisors thought their clients would put “Long-Term Returns” as a top priority!  Wow, I know where my conflict is…

2. Timing the Market

This is an older article by David Yanofsky, but one of my all time favorites.  The problem with timing the market is you have to be right twice!  You have to get out at the right time and get back in at the right time.  It’s a terrific lesson about how easy it is to see highs and lows in the past, and how difficult it is to know what you’re looking at in the present.  Play along and let me know how you do.

This game will show you just how foolish it is to sell stocks right now

3.  The Income Gap To Affordable Housing

Like me, Accidental FIRE is “always on the prowl for cool data” and he puts some on display here.  Anyone with interest in “geoarbitrage” already knows to stay away from California, but for me it was nice to put a quantitative metric on what is often a qualitative idea.  I also liked coming across this article dealing with median incomes and housing costs on the same week I introduced a plan for Median Mike.

The Income Gap To Affordable Housing

4. That Time We Sued to Buy a Property…

Active real estate investment is something of a blind spot for me.  My asset allocation includes some REIT funds, but I don’t (yet) own any money making property.  I really like reading about other people’s experience in the space, and this longer post by Woodstock has it all.  Objective analysis meets subjective potential, and we get some legal action and see the importance of personal relationships.  If you’re new to the issues inherent in buying property, you’ll learn something.  If you’re a seasoned veteran, I think you’ll still find the story interesting.


Happy Finance Friday!  If you have a favorite article you’d like to see featured in future lists, feel free to contact me.  As always, I appreciate your comments on what I got right, what I got wrong, and everything in between.

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