Finance Friday June-29-2018


Happy Finance Friday!

Happy Finance Friday!

Save money on your electric bill, visit a financial psychologist, and learn more about women leading the way in the financial space.  Here are the best things I read this week (and one brief pat on my own back), happy Friday everyone!

1. Bad With Money (Podcast)

I just started listening to this podcast from the first episode and it’s become a favorite.  Gaby Dunn brings in a wide and varied array of super interesting guests and combines smart social commentary with an occasional jaw dropping quip of financial illiteracy.  It’s entertaining as hell, and I guarantee she’ll give you something to think about.  I particularly enjoyed Episode 2, the interview with financial psychologist Dr Brad Klontz for his insights into “Poor Person Thinking” vs “Rich Person Thinking”.  Another favorite of mine is this episode, with feminist investing guru Sallie Krawcheck. The founder of Ellevest provides a compelling reason for women to take charge of their financial health.

2.  Reduce Your Electric Bill

There are two ways to retire sooner:  Save More or Spend Less.  I think the “Spend Less” camp is often the easier path, and sometimes overlooked.  So there’s a sub-niche of finance articles dedicated to frugal living.  Dr. Scrilla explains the simple steps he took for a modest reduction in his electric bill.  I liked this article because the author just shows what he did, rather than preach what you should do.  I like the things he did because I know the deep satisfaction that small changes (like swapping out a shower head) bring to me as I optimize and improve my own habits.

3.  Social Security Estimator

I’ll break with tradition and include my own article, because I think you’ll find the spreadsheet therein super useful!  If you’ve ever wondered how working one more year (or ten fewer) would affect the present value of your social security benefit, you’ve come to the right spot.  How much is a possible stream of income in the distant future worth?  Certainly a few minutes of your time today.

4.  CGP with Chief Mom Officer

The Christopher Guest Posts by Physician on Fire are inspiring fare for bloggers and FIRE seekers.  Like Sallie Krawcheck above, Chief Mom Officer saw a dearth of women in the personal finance space and stepped in.

I couldn’t find what I wanted to read, so I decided to create it.

As a technology professional and busy parent, I relate to her point of view.  Her tenacity and grit makes me work harder.  Find more of her creations at


If you have a favorite article you’d like to see featured in future lists, feel free to contact me.  As always, I appreciate your comments on what I got right, what I got wrong, and everything in between.  Enjoy your weekend!

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